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Bridge for Money

Information is the premium online bridge club that provides a full range of facilities for you to play the skillful game of bridge against REAL PLAYERS for REAL MONEY. You will find $erious bridge players who like to wager on the outcome of their hand and their own skills.

The company is led by David Gold an England International and Professional Bridge Player, Manager and Co-owner of the "St. John's Wood" bridge club, London's premier bridge for money club.

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To become a member, you MUST REGISTER with us. It is FREE.

Once registered, within seconds, you will be emailed a membership number and a doorkey (or password) which will enable you to logon and play Bridge4Money. Take a moment to understand the Bidding System in use for all players as ALL players should pass a basic bidding test on the system used by all players on this site. (more...)

Choose a method of funding your account - full details HERE.

We suggest you deposit a minimum of $10 as the amount you have in yoru playing account affects which stake room/s you can play in as shown below.( more ...)

$0.10 Stake Room = $3.12 minimum
$0.25 Stake Room = $7.78 minimum
$1.00 Stake Room = $31.08 minimum
$2.00 Stake Room = $62.15 minimum
$5.00 Stake Room = $155.35 minimum

Enter the club by clicking on the button at the top left of this page.

You will see a CONTROL window, which you click again to enter the lobby of the bridge club. Then move to the stake room of your choice - wait until you are seated and immediately the hands will be dealt and you are playing with real people, with real money!

Account Information

We provide, secure and safe money accounts and a range of games to select your budget and skill.


More info on PAYPAL

Our Charges

For all methods of payment, we only pass on the charges made by the various systems. Full details of these can be seen HERE.

fee refunds

Our funding/fundout transfer fees will be offset according to your stake at the rate of one stake unit for every 100 boards that you play. (e.g. at $1.00/100 you will get back $1.00 after playing 100 boards).